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Spare parts for mowers

The mowers employ several cutting systems: the reciprocating linear motion cutter bar and the more recent rotary systems, with horizontal or vertical axis. The horizontal cutter bar (made up of 2 rows of teeth moved back and forth making them each behave like a small shears) has the advantage of preserving the stems of the plant as well as possible, while working on more large width in a single pass, and the disadvantage of greater weight but above all greater fragility (more moving parts, therefore increased mechanical wear; risk of breakage of the teeth when encountering obstacles, stones , tree trunks, metal objects).

They are driven either by the movement of the wheels, or more generally by the tractor PTO.

They can be dragged or carried to the back or to the side. Sometimes the cutter bar is placed frontally. The mowers can be combined with other machines to perform other functions than just cutting grass, e.g. mower-windrower, mower-for-mower, etc. There are also self-propelled mowers for large construction sites.

The major brands of mowers are Claas, John Deere, Kuhn, Vicon, Taarup, Fella, JF ....


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