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Universal and standard parts for tractors and agricultural machinery


We offer a wide range of universal parts for tractors and agricultural machinery.
You will find in this category in particular:
- Rubber blades for snowplough, manure and slurry scraper, blades for pushing silage
- Polyurethane blades for snowplows , mainly used by town halls, motorway companies but also general councils, DDE, but also by ski areas
- Pipes and hoses for fuel oil, diesel, gasoline and oil
- Rubber hood fasteners
- A range of front and rear wiper blades for tractors, combine harvesters, grape harvesters, telescopic loaders, forage harvesters
- Patches, patch kit and patch glue for repairing the inner tubes of tractors, agricultural trailers, windrowers, tedders
- A range of clamps for tractor exhausts, exhaust rain protection valves , angled exhaust tips , but also flexible exhaust pipes
- A complete range of corrugated Tubano hoses
- Mirrors for tractors , combine harvester, silage harvester, grape harvester
- A complete range of inner tubes for windrowers , tedders, tractors, forage beds, monocoque tipper trailers.
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