Deutz Fahr Agrofarm tractors - The range

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Deutz Agrofarm tractors: an in-depth exploration

Deutz-Fahr, a well-known brand in the agricultural world, is famous for its range of tractors combining performance, durability and innovation. The Agrofarm series includes several models tailored to the needs of modern farmers. Let's explore the different Agrofarm models in detail, each designed to meet specific requirements.

Deutz-Fahr Agrofarm

Deutz Fahr Agrofarm 100

The Agrofarm 100 model is characterized by its versatility. With its powerful engine and reliable transmission, it's ideal for small and medium-sized farms. This tractor offers exceptional maneuverability, intuitive controls and a comfortable cab. Thanks to its advanced features, it can be adapted to a wide range of agricultural tasks.

Deutz Agrofarm 100 C tractor

Featuring a modern engine and increased power, the Agrofarm 100 C is designed for more demanding work. Its spacious cab and ergonomic controls enable farmers to work in maximum comfort, while its advanced technology guarantees energy efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Deutz Agrofarm 100 Ecoline

With its focus on sustainability, the Agrofarm 100 Ecoline meets the most stringent environmental standards while delivering optimum power. Its low fuel consumption and easy maintenance make it a popular choice among environmentally conscious farmers.

Deutz Fahr Agrofarm 80 C tractor

The more compact Agrofarm 80 C model is ideal for work in confined spaces, such as vineyards and orchards. Despite its size, it maintains impressive power and offers customization options for a variety of agricultural applications.

Deutz Agrofarm 85

This Agrofarm 85 combines robustness and maneuverability. Its efficient engine and advanced hydraulic control systems make it a versatile tractor. Its ability to maneuver on a variety of terrains makes it ideal for medium-sized farms.

Deutz Fahr Agrofarm 85 Ecoline

The 85 Ecoline is designed to offer a more sustainable solution without compromising performance. Its low fuel consumption and reduced emissions make it a cost-effective option for sustainability-conscious farmers.

Deutz Agrofarm 90 C tractor

The Agrofarm 90 C builds on Deutz-Fahr tradition by offering a tractor designed for specific jobs. Its adapted transmission and power allow more specialized agricultural tasks to be carried out, while guaranteeing a high level of comfort and control.

The Deutz Fahr Agrofarm C tractor series

Agrofarm C 75

The Agrofarm C 75 offers a compact solution for medium-power operations. Its maneuverability, efficient transmission and precise controls make it perfect for row crops and other specialized work.

Agrofarm C 85

Offering a balance of power and agility, the Agrofarm C 85 meets the needs of farmers looking for a versatile machine. Its ergonomic cab, modern hydraulic technology and ease of use guarantee optimum performance.

Agrofarm C 95

With superior power and a reinforced transmission, the Agrofarm C 95 can handle more demanding work while offering exceptional control and comfort. Its rugged design ensures enhanced durability.

Deutz Fahr Agrofarm COM3 tractor series

Deutz Fahr Agrofarm 410

The Model 410 is equipped with a powerful engine and advanced features for medium-sized farms. Its smooth transmission and PTO options make it a reliable choice for precision work.

Deutz Agrofarm 420 tractor

The Agrofarm 420 offers increased power and a robust transmission. Farmers benefit from exceptional maneuverability and increased versatility for a wide range of applications.

Deutz Fahr Agrofarm 420 Profiline

This Profiline model is designed for those looking for a top-of-the-range machine. In addition to its solid basic capabilities, it offers additional features such as an improved cab, optimized transmission and advanced electronics.

Farm tractor Deutz Fahr Agrofarm 430

The 430 brings extra power with improvements to the transmission and hydraulic systems. It is suitable for operations with higher performance and durability requirements.

Deutz Agrofarm 430 Profiline

The Agrofarm 430 Profiline represents excellence in agricultural performance. With state-of-the-art technology, enhanced comfort and improved energy efficiency, this Profiline model is ideal for the most demanding farmers.

Farm tractor Deutz Fahr Agrofarm G

Deutz Agrofarm G 100

Designed for versatility, the G 100 excels in open fields and soil preparation work. Its advanced features make it a versatile tool for a variety of farming tasks, from ploughing to harvesting.

Deutz Fahr Agrofarm G 115

The more powerful G 115 combines modern technologies to deliver maximum performance. Its efficient engine, smooth transmission and intuitive controls make it a popular choice for large-scale operations.

Agrofarm G 85

The G 85 offers a balance of power and maneuverability. Its robust design and advanced systems make it an essential tool for farms requiring a versatile solution.

Deutz Fahr Agrofarm G COM3 farm tractor range

Tractor Agrofarm G COM3 410

The COM3 410 offers advanced technology to enhance productivity. Its enhanced transmission and hydraulic features guarantee superior control and efficiency.

Deutz Fahr Agrofarm G COM3 430

The COM3 430 is designed for operations requiring increased power and advanced features. Its motor, hydraulics and electronic systems are optimized for the most demanding tasks.

Deutz Fahr Agrofarm T-TB COM3 series

Tractor Deutz Fahr Agrofarm T-TB COM3 410 Ecoline

The Ecoline series offers increased energy efficiency without compromising performance. The 410 Ecoline is perfect for farms looking for economical, environmentally-friendly solutions.

Tractor Deutz Agrofarm T-TB COM3 410 T

The 410 T offers a combination of power and control thanks to its advanced transmission and hydraulic systems.

Deutz Farh Agrofarm T-TB COM3 410 TB

The 410 TB is designed for exceptional versatility. Its transmission and PTO systems meet the demands of the most complex agricultural tasks.

Tractor Agrofarm T-TB COM3 415 TB

The 415 TB version combines increased power with superior maneuverability. Its ergonomic cab and advanced electronic systems offer unrivalled comfort and control.

Deutz Agrofarm T-TB COM3 420 Ecoline

The 420 Ecoline focuses on sustainability and reduced emissions, while maintaining high performance. Its modern features ensure efficient resource management.

Farm tractor Agrofarm T-TB COM3 420 T

The 420 T version, with its optimized transmission and increased power, is ideal for operations requiring a machine capable of working hard for long hours.

Tractor Deutz Fahr Agrofarm T-TB COM3 420 TB

The 420 TB offers a balanced combination of power and control. Advanced electronic systems and reinforced transmission ensure enhanced productivity.

Tractor Deutz Fahr Agrofarm T-TB COM3 425 TB

The 425 TB model stands out for its superior power and ability to handle heavy farm work. Its transmission system is designed to support heavier loads.

Farm tractor series Deutz Fahr Agrofarm TTV COM3

Deutz Agrofarm TTV COM3 420 tractor

The TTV COM3 420 is equipped with a continuously variable transmission for maximum smoothness and precision. Its advanced electronic control system ensures optimum resource management.

Deutz Fahr Agrofarm TTV COM3 430

The TTV COM3 430, the most powerful version of this series, excels in agricultural work requiring high precision and efficiency. Its continuous transmission and advanced technology make it exceptionally adaptable.


The Deutz-Fahr Agrofarm series embodies the perfect fusion of technology, efficiency and durability. Models vary according to farmers' specific needs, offering a solution for every type of operation. At tractor parts specialist Camagris, we understand the importance of reliable equipment to support your business. Our wide range of spare parts and our expertise in agricultural parts make us your partner of choice for keeping your tractors in top condition.