Renault 155-54 Tractor - Technical Sheet

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Discover the Renault 155-54 tractor, a renowned agricultural model, often sought after second-hand for its reliability and performance. Equipped with a powerful engine, it offers a claimed power of 145 hp, ideal for demanding agricultural work. Its detailed technical sheet reveals interesting features such as its efficient braking system and its well-balanced weight. Whether in turbo or tractonic version, the Renault 155-54 demonstrates appreciable versatility.

Presentation of the Renault 155-54 tractor

The Renault 155-54 tractor is an emblematic model of the Renault brand, known for its reliability and robustness. It is a popular choice among farmers looking for an efficient and durable tractor for a variety of farming tasks. Here is a detailed description of this tractor:

  1. Engine and Performance : The Renault 155-54 is equipped with a powerful engine, capable of providing notable force for demanding agricultural work. This engine is designed to deliver optimal performance while maintaining economical fuel consumption.

  2. Technical characteristics : This tractor stands out for its ability to operate efficiently in a variety of conditions. It has a robust transmission, efficient hydraulic systems and a comfortable cabin for the operator, ensuring prolonged use without discomfort.

  3. Versatility : The Renault 155-54 is suitable for a wide range of agricultural activities, from soil preparation to harvesting. Its design allows for easy hitching of agricultural accessories and equipment, making it extremely versatile.

  4. Reliability and Durability : Renault tractors are known for their durability. The 155-54 model, with its robust chassis and quality components, ensures a long service life, even in the most difficult conditions.

  5. Ease of Maintenance : Accessibility of key tractor components facilitates maintenance and repair operations, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

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Technical characteristics (Technical sheet) of the model

The Renault 155-54 tractor, well known for its robustness and versatility, has specific technical characteristics that make it ideal for a variety of agricultural work. Here is a detailed presentation of the technical characteristics of this model:

  1. Engine :

    • Kind : Diesel engine, usually a 6-cylinder, offering a combination of power and fuel efficiency.
    • Power : Engine power is often around 155 horsepower (hence the name 155-54), providing sufficient force for demanding tasks.
  2. Transmission :

    • Kind : The transmission is designed to provide flexibility of use, with a significant number of forward and reverse gears to suit various tasks.
    • Features : It can include a synchro or powershift transmission, making it easier to change gears and adapt to changing terrain conditions.
  3. Hydraulic system :

    • Ability : The hydraulic system is designed to efficiently handle heavy equipment, with significant lifting capacity.
    • Features : Usually includes hydraulic distributors to facilitate the connection of various agricultural tools and machines.
  4. Dimensions and Weight :

    • Weight : Significant weight, contributing to stability and efficiency in plowing or traction operations.
    • Dimensions : Dimensions are designed to provide a good balance between maneuverability and stability, suitable for different field and farm configurations.
  5. Cabin and Comfort :

    • Cabin : The cab is designed for operator comfort, often with good visibility, a comfortable seat and easy access to controls.
    • Soundproofing : The cabin is generally well soundproofed to reduce operator fatigue during long working days.
  6. Other Features :

    • Power take-off (PTO) : An efficient power take-off for the use of various equipment.
    • Traction Capabilities : Designed for excellent traction ability in various ground conditions.

It is important to note that exact specifications may vary between submodels and specific configurations of the Renault 155-54.

The Renault 155-54 engine

The Renault 155-54 tractor, renowned for its robustness and reliability, is powered by a high-quality engine which makes it a preferred choice for farmers. Here is a detailed presentation of the engine that equips this tractor:

  1. Engine Brand : The engine is manufactured by MWM, a manufacturer recognized for the quality and performance of its diesel engines, particularly in the agricultural sector.

  2. Engine Type : The MWM type TD 226/B6 engine equips this tractor. This designation indicates a diesel engine designed specifically to provide an optimal balance between power and efficiency.

  3. Number of Cylinders : The engine has 6 cylinders, a configuration that promotes high power and smooth operation, essential for demanding agricultural tasks.

  4. Displacement : With a displacement of 6234 cm³, this engine offers a large capacity, which translates into high power and torque for heavy agricultural work.

  5. Motor Power Type : The engine is turbocharged, improving engine efficiency, particularly when delivering power at low revs, a crucial feature for tractors.

  6. Cooling Type : The cooling system is liquid, guaranteeing effective control of engine temperature, even in prolonged and demanding working conditions.

  7. Nominal Diet : The engine operates at a rated speed of 2350 rpm, an ideal balance to optimize performance and fuel consumption.

  8. Maximum Torque Announced : With a maximum torque of 543 Nm, this engine provides impressive pulling force, essential for plowing, towing and other agricultural tasks.

  9. Maxi Couple Diet : Maximum torque is reached at a speed of 1500 rpm, which indicates excellent engine response even at low speeds.

  10. Torque Reserve Announced : A 25% torque reserve gives the tractor additional capacity to cope with heavy loads or difficult terrain conditions without a significant drop in performance.

The MWM TD 226/B6 engine is therefore a key element in the performance and reliability of the Renault 155-54. At Camagris, we understand the importance of a reliable engine for agricultural work. On our site, we offer a wide selection of spare parts and technical advice for the Renault 155-54, ensuring European farmers have quick and reliable access to the essential components to keep their tractors in perfect working order. Our experts are dedicated to providing quality customer service and reliable spare parts for all your Renault tractor needs.

Variants: turbo and tractonic

The Renault 155-54 tractor was produced in several variants, including the "turbo" and "tractonic" versions. These variants offer specific features tailored to different user needs and preferences. Here is an overview of the particularities of these two versions:

Renault 155-54 Turbo

  1. Turbo engine :

    • Power Improvement : The turbo engine adds boost, thereby increasing the engine's horsepower and torque. This results in increased performance, especially useful for heavy and demanding agricultural work.
    • Energetic efficiency : Although more powerful, the turbo engine maintains fuel efficiency, which is essential for reducing fuel consumption.
  2. Optimized Performance :

    • Better Responsiveness : The turbo allows the engine to respond more quickly and efficiently, particularly under heavy load.
    • Working in Difficult Conditions : Ideal for difficult terrain or tasks requiring extra power, such as deep plowing or towing heavy loads.

Renault 155-54 Tractonic

  1. Tractonic transmission :

    • Semi-Automatic Transmission : The Tractonic is a semi-automatic transmission offering better ease of use and greater flexibility in the choice of gears.
    • Simplified Shifting : This feature allows for smoother and faster gear changes, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity.
  2. Improved Control and Comfort :

    • Smoother ride : The Tractonic transmission provides a smoother driving experience, with less jerking and disturbance when changing gears.
    • Adaptation to Varied Conditions : The transmission allows the tractor to more easily adapt to different working conditions, improving overall efficiency in various agricultural tasks.

These variants of the Renault 155-54 provide farmers with additional options to choose a tractor that best suits their specific needs.

Details of the TZ and TX models

The Renault 155-54 TZ and the Renault 155-54 TX are two variants of the Renault 155-54 tractor, each with characteristics and specifications that meet different agricultural needs. Here is a detailed overview of these two models:

Renault 155-54 TZ

  1. Design and Use :

    • The TZ model is generally designed for standard agricultural work, offering a balance of power and maneuverability.
    • It is often chosen for tasks such as plowing, sowing, and other operations requiring a combination of strength and precision.
  2. Technical characteristics :

    • Engine : Similar to the basic model, with an MWM TD 226/B6 diesel engine.
    • Transmission : May include standard transmission or upgraded version, depending on exact model specifications.
  3. Performance :

    • This model maintains the signature power and fuel efficiency of the 155-54, while being suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications.

Renault 155-54 TX

  1. Design and Use :

    • The TX model is often considered a more advanced version, with improvements focused on performance and comfort.
    • Ideal for intensive agricultural work and for users looking for additional comfort and improved features.
  2. Technical characteristics :

    • Engine : Equipped with a similar engine to the TZ, but may include upgrades for better performance.
    • Transmission : The TX's transmission can be more sophisticated, offering smoother gear changes and better adaptability to different agricultural tasks.
  3. Performance and Comfort :

    • The TX stands out with increased performance, particularly in terms of torque and engine responsiveness.
    • Operator comfort is often improved in this variant, with a better equipped cabin and advanced ergonomic features.

The braking system (brake) of the Renault 155-54

The Renault 155-54 braking system is an essential component for the safety and performance of the tractor. An effective braking system is crucial, not only for controlling the tractor itself but also for load management and maneuvering attached agricultural equipment. Here is a detailed overview of the braking system of this model:

  1. Type of Brakes :

    • The Renault 155-54 is generally equipped with disc brakes, known for their efficiency and reliability. Disc brakes provide better braking performance, especially under heavy load or in difficult terrain conditions.
  2. Hydraulic Braking System :

    • The brake system operates hydraulically, ensuring quick response and consistent brake pressure. This improves safety and precision when braking.
  3. Independent or Synchronized Braking :

    • Some models may have an independent braking system for each wheel, allowing for better maneuverability and increased control, particularly useful when maneuvering in tight spaces or on uneven terrain.
    • Other models may have a synchronized braking system, where the brakes act on all wheels simultaneously, providing increased stability, especially when carrying heavy loads or operating agricultural equipment.
  4. Safety and Maintenance :

    • As with any brake system, regular inspection and maintenance is necessary to ensure optimal operation. This includes checking brake discs, pads, hydraulic fluids and connections.
    • Regular maintenance is essential to avoid performance problems and ensure operator safety and tractor longevity.
  5. Specific Characteristics :

    • Depending on the specific model and year of manufacture of the Renault 155-54, additional features or variations in the braking system may exist.

Tractor weight and dimensions

Weight and dimensions are crucial aspects in choosing a tractor, influencing its maneuverability, stability and adaptability to different working conditions. For the Renault 155-54 tractor, here are the details regarding its weight and dimensions based on the information provided:


  • Tractor Weight : The Renault 155-54 has a weight of 5626 kg in 4-wheel drive. This substantial weight contributes to the stability of the tractor, especially important when operating heavy equipment or when working on uneven terrain.


  1. Ground clearance :

    • Ground Clearance Height : 52 cm. This ground clearance height is sufficient to allow the tractor to maneuver on uneven terrain without risk of damage to the chassis or lower components.
  2. Wheelbase :

    • Wheelbase Length : 2.74 meters. The wheelbase, which is the distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels, influences the stability of the tractor. A longer wheelbase provides better stability, particularly useful when working on slopes or carrying heavy loads.
  3. Overall width :

    • Tractor Width : 2.05 meters. This width ensures that the tractor has good lateral stability while being narrow enough to easily navigate crop rows or farm paths.
  4. Maximum height :

    • Total height : 3.02 meters. The overall height of the tractor is a factor to consider when passing under low obstacles such as tree branches or entrances to farm buildings.

Purchase of a used Renault 155-54 tractor

Buying a used Renault 155-54 tractor can be an excellent decision, especially if you are looking for a reliable and robust tractor while wanting to control your budget. Here are some tips and considerations to take into account when purchasing a used Renault 155-54:

Tractor Rating

  1. Maintenance History :

    • Request maintenance records to understand how the tractor was maintained. A good maintenance history is a key indicator of future tractor reliability.
  2. General Condition Check :

    • Examine the tractor carefully for any signs of wear or damage. Pay particular attention to the engine, transmission, hydraulic system, brakes, and cabin.
  3. Function test :

    • If possible, test drive the tractor. Check how it starts, listen to the engine running, test the transmission, brakes, and make sure all hydraulic functions are operating properly.
  4. Checking Operating Hours :

    • Operating hours recorded on the tractor can give an indication of its past use. High hours are not necessarily a problem if the tractor has been well maintained.

Legal and Administrative Questions

  1. Legal Documents :

    • Make sure the seller has all the necessary documents, including the registration certificate and any proof of ownership.
  2. Guarantees :

    • Find out about the guarantees available. Some companies or sellers offer limited warranties on used tractors.

Financial Considerations

  1. Budget and Cost :

    • Compare prices from different sellers to ensure you get the best value for your money. Don't forget to include potential maintenance or repair costs in your budget.
  2. Spare parts :

    • Check availability of spare parts for model 155-54. At Camagris, we offer a wide range of parts for Renault tractors, ensuring that you can keep your tractor in good working order for a long time.

Or buy

  • Specialized Resellers : Buying from a specialist agricultural equipment dealer can offer some peace of mind thanks to their expertise.
  • Private sales : Direct sales between individuals can sometimes offer better deals, but require increased vigilance on the condition of the tractor.

Buying a used tractor is an important decision. Taking the time to do thorough research and check out the tractor from all aspects will help you make an informed choice.

Maintenance and spare parts for the Renault 155-54

Maintenance and availability of spare parts are essential to guarantee the longevity and performance of the Renault 155-54 tractor. At Camagris, we offer a complete range of technical parts to meet all the maintenance and repair needs of this model. Here is an overview of some of the categories of parts we offer:

Food and Injection

  • Fuel Tank Cap : Essential to ensure fuel safety and cleanliness.
  • Glow plug : Crucial for efficient engine starting, especially in cold climates.
  • Injector and Seals : For optimal fuel injection and improved engine performance.
  • Feed Pump : Ensures a constant supply of fuel to the engine.

Hitching and Lifting

  • Candle - Hanger : Essential for the proper functioning of the tractor lifting system.
  • Miscellaneous : Other components related to hitching and lifting.

Body and Cabin

  • Cabin Shock Absorber, Grille - Hood : For the comfort and aesthetics of the tractor.
  • Miscellaneous Cabin Parts : Includes various items for cabin maintenance.
  • Mudguards, Instrument Panel, Rearview Mirror : For protection and safety during use.
  • Cabin Window - Windshield : Ensures clear visibility and operator safety.

Air conditioner

  • Miscellaneous : Components to maintain a comfortable cabin environment.

Electrical Components

  • Alternator, Battery & Accessories, Reversing Camera : For power supply and safety.
  • Contactor, Circuit Breaker, Light and Headlight, Rotating Beacon, Sockets & Plugs, Relays : Essential for the tractor's electrical system.


  • Steering Ball Joint, Steering Cylinder & Joints : For precise maneuverability and control of the tractor.

Exhaust and Intake

  • Exhaust & Tube : For proper engine operation and compliance with environmental standards.


  • Bearing, Clutch Cable, Clutch Disc : Essential for the proper operation of the transmission.


  • Various types of filters to maintain the cleanliness of fluids and air entering the engine.


  • Hydraulic pump : Crucial for the tractor's hydraulic system.

Engine and Components

  • Connecting rod - Bushing, Liner - Piston - Ring, Cylinder head - Valve, Engine overhaul set, Gasket - Ring, Crankshaft - Bushing : For complete engine maintenance.

Tractor Brake Parts

  • Brake Disc, Brake Sender - Brake Receiver : For an efficient and safe braking system.


  • Belt, Water Pump, Radiator and Related Parts, Thermostat : To maintain optimum engine temperature.


  • Front axle, PTO : Key components for power transmission.

This wide range of parts ensures that you can maintain and repair your Renault 155-54 with quality components.