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Range of spare parts for Someca tractors

Hit: 2035

Camagris offers a wide range of spare parts for Someca tractors

Take advantage of our wide range of parts for tractors Someca.

Our range covers most Someca brand tractors, including:

Someca 1080 series tractors, 1180, 1280, 1380, 1580, 1880 as well as the Someca 4-wheel drive 1180DT tractors, 1280DT, 1380DT, 1580DT, 1880DT.

The Someca 1080 series tractors are the predecessors of the Fiat agri 90 series tractors. As a result, they use a good deal of common parts. Especially engine parts, water pump, crankshaft, connecting rod bearings, cylinder head gasket...

We also offer a wide range of parts for Someca 1000, 1000 Super, 1000DT, 1000S, 1300, 1300DT tractors, as well as 200R, 211R, 215, 250, 250DT, 300, 300DT, 311, 312, 315, 321, 350, 350DT, 400, 411, 500, 540, 540DT, 550, 570, 580DT, 640, 650, 666, 670DT, 680, 750, 766, 780, 850, 880, 980DT, SOM1300, SOM20, SOM25, SOM30, SOM35, SOM40, SOM45, SOM50...

Please note that some Someca tractors were manufactured by UTB, in some cases we have parts for these tractors. To ensure compatibility, do not hesitate to contact us.

We sell all types of spare parts for Someca tractors: Fuel pump, injector, tank cap, paint, steering wheel, steering ball joint, steering rod, front axle parts, alternator, starter, water pump, radiator, hydraulic pump, steering cylinder, work light, road and work light...