Range of hydraulic fittings, engine, distributor, control cable for distributor

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New: Wide range of hydraulic parts

We now offer a wide program of hydraulic parts to make special arrangements.

Our range of more than 1000 references is composed as follows:

- Hydraulic hoses and crimp fittings: you will find hydraulic hoses, from crimp skirts for flexible as well as metric hydraulic fittings, BSP, JIC, ORFS, but also banjos, screw for banjo, from repair joints for hydraulic hose, but also press fittings for pressure washer especially Karcher.

- From hydraulic piston motors Of type WMO, OMP, SEO, OMH, WHO, UNWTO with different drive shaft diameters and displacements.

- From hydraulic adapters to connect 2 hoses or one distributer, a jack or any other hydraulic component

- A full range of hydraulic cylinder seals, rod seals, scraper, piston seal.

- From hydraulic cylinders single and double acting

- A complete range of monobloc hydraulic distributor 40 liters per minute, 80 liters per minute and even 120 liters per minute. We also offer a range of distributor with single lever control, and order by cables ; from electrically operated distributors, function selector as well as hydraulic turning blocks for ploughs.

- A large program of coupler screw-in hydraulics, push-pull, valves and reducers, brake valves...

- From ball valves 2 or 3 ways for hydraulic circuit

- From pressure gauges with rear connection and connection below for all pressure ranges with or without glycerin.

- Membrane accumulators or nitrogen ball with a wide range of capacity and pressure.