Spare parts - Massey Ferguson 6400 series tractors

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Massey Ferguson 6400 Series Tractors

Massey Ferguson's 6400 Series tractors embody excellence in the world of agriculture. These models, produced by the Massey Ferguson company, are designed to offer an impressive combination of power, versatility and performance. The 6400 Series includes several models, each with its own unique specifications and features to meet the varying needs of farmers. In this article, we'll take a look at some of these iconic designs.

1.Massey Ferguson 6470: The alliance of power and technology

The Massey Ferguson 6470 is one of the flagship models of the 6400 series. It is equipped with a 6-cylinder AGCO Sisu Power engine, providing an impressive 135 horsepower. This versatile machine is ideal for a range of agricultural tasks, from plowing to harvesting.

Advanced technology is at the heart of this tractor. It features a Dyna-6 transmission, providing smooth shifting for better efficiency. Additionally, the cabin is designed to provide exceptional operator comfort, with advanced suspension, adjustable seat and air conditioning for pleasant working days.

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2.Massey Ferguson 6480: Versatility at its peak

The Massey Ferguson 6480 is another member of the 6400 series that stands out for its versatility. It is powered by a 6-cylinder AGCO Sisu Power engine, delivering up to 160 horsepower. Impressive lifting capacity makes it easy to handle heavy loads.

This tractor is also equipped with the Dyna-6 transmission, but with a 50 km/h configuration for fast travel on the road. Whether you need to plow a field, bale hay bales or haul goods, the Massey Ferguson 6480 is ready for the challenge.

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3.Massey Ferguson 6465: Compact performance

The Massey Ferguson 6465 is a compact model from the 6400 series, offering 115 horsepower from its 6-cylinder AGCO Sisu Power engine. This tractor is designed to suit medium-sized farms where compactness is essential.

Its Dyna-4 transmission provides increased maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for working in tight spaces. The spacious and comfortable cabin ensures the operator has a pleasant experience, even during long working days.

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Massey Ferguson's 6400 Series models offer a range of power ratings and configurations to meet the needs of diverse operations. Whether you're looking for the raw power of the 6470, the versatility of the 6480 or the compactness of the 6465, you'll find a tractor that can meet your requirements. Massey Ferguson 6400 Series tractors embody the brand's commitment to innovation, quality and operator comfort, making them essential tools for farmers around the world.