Laverda combine harvester

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Laverda Combine Harvesters

Laverda is an iconic brand in combine harvesters, playing a key role in the agricultural industry for many decades. Founded in 1873 by Pietro Laverda in Breganze, Italy, the company began as a small artisan business before becoming one of the world's leading players in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery.

History and Evolution

Laverda's history is marked by constant innovation and commitment to quality. Over the years, the company has expanded its product offering to include a full line of combine harvesters, becoming a go-to supplier for farmers around the world.

In the early years, Laverda gained a solid reputation by producing animal-drawn combine harvesters. However, over time, with the advent of motorization and agricultural mechanization, the company evolved to integrate advanced technologies into its machines.

Technological innovation

One of the main characteristics that sets Laverda apart is its commitment to technological innovation. The company has consistently integrated advancements such as electronic control systems, yield sensors, and agricultural mapping technologies into its combines. This approach has enabled farmers to improve the efficiency of their operations, optimize yields and maximize profitability.

Iconic models

Laverda has produced several iconic combine harvester models over the years. Among them, the M100 Al quattro model, introduced in the 1970s, was particularly notable. It featured revolutionary features at the time, including a four-wheel drive engine, high harvesting capacity, and an ergonomic design for the operator.

Laverda 2350 MCS equipped with an Iveco engine of 8.1 liters displacement with its 6 cylinders. The machine weighs 11.3 tonnes and is generally equipped with a 5.40 m cutter bar. It is a medium-sized machine equipped with 5 shakers and a 173 kW motor.

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Laverda 184 AL is a small machine, equipped with 4 shakers. It generally has a cut of 4.8 m wide. Its 180 HP 6.7-liter 6-cylinder engine is ideal for working on hillsides. This is a leveling combine harvester.

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Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability has become a major concern in modern agriculture, and Laverda has responded to this challenge by developing more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly combine harvesters. The use of more energy efficient engines and the integration of fuel consumption management systems are some of the brand's sustainability initiatives.

International presence

Laverda has expanded its presence internationally, exporting its combine harvesters to many countries. This expansion has strengthened the brand's reputation as a reliable global provider of agricultural solutions.


In summary, Laverda occupies an important place in the world of combine harvesters. Its rich history, commitment to innovation, and significant contribution to agricultural efficiency make it a brand respected by farmers around the world. With its heritage of quality and commitment to sustainability, Laverda continues to be a key player in the evolution of modern agriculture.