Claas Lexion 500 combine harvesters

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Claas Lexion 500 Combine Harvesters: Excellence in Action during Harvest


Claas Lexion 500 Combine Harvesters: Excellence in Action during Harvest

Claas Lexion 500 combine harvesters embody performance, cutting-edge technology and efficiency when harvesting crops. These machines are designed to meet the needs of farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs worldwide, ensuring efficient and high-quality harvesting.

Lexion 500 Series: A Diversified Range

The Claas Lexion 500 series includes a variety of combine models, each designed for specific applications. Here are some of the iconic models of the Lexion 500 series:

  1. Claas Lexion 530:The Lexion 530 combine harvester is an entry-level model, ideal for small farms. It is equipped with advanced technology for efficient harvesting of grains, oilseeds and pulses.

  2. Claas Lexion 540:With increased power and harvesting capacity, the Lexion 540 is ideal for farmers looking for a versatile combine for a range of crops.

  3. Claas Lexion 550:The Lexion 550 combine offers even more power and capacity, making it a smart choice for medium to large farms. It can handle varied crops with ease.

Advanced Technology and Versatility

Claas Lexion 500 combine harvesters are equipped with cutting-edge technologies to maximize harvesting efficiency. This includes automated control systems, yield sensors, GPS systems, and touch screens to facilitate operation.

Additionally, these combines are versatile, meaning they are suitable for a variety of crops, from grains to oilseeds to pulses. They can be equipped with different types of harvesting heads to meet specific needs.

Operator Comfort and Harvest Quality

Claas Lexion 500 combine harvesters are designed to provide optimal operator comfort. The spacious cabins are equipped with ergonomic seats, intuitive controls and excellent visibility for fatigue-free working days.

In addition, the quality of the harvest is essential. Lexion 500 combines are designed to preserve grain quality while maximizing yields.


Claas Lexion 500 combine harvesters are high quality harvesting machines designed to meet the demands of modern agriculture. Their combination of power, advanced technology, versatility and operator comfort makes them a popular choice among farmers looking to optimize their harvest. The Lexion 500 series from Claas is a perfect example of how innovation and agricultural technology can contribute to efficiency and success in the agricultural sector.