Discover Kuhn GMD Disc Mowers and their Spare Parts at Camagris

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Kuhn GMD disc mowers stand out for their performance and adaptability to different farm sizes. At Camagris, we offer not only these high-quality machines, but also a vast inventory of spare parts for the GMD 44, GMD 55, GMD 66, and GMD 77 models. Here's an overview of these models, along with the spare parts available to ensure their maintenance and durability.

Kuhn GMD 44 - Efficient Essentials

The Kuhn GMD 44 mower, with a working width of 1.6 meters, is ideal for small farms. Capable of mowing up to 1.5 hectares per hour, it requires 21 kW of power and is equipped with 4 cutting discs. We supply all the parts needed for maintenance, including belts, knives and knife bolts.

Kuhn GMD 55 - The Versatile Option

Increasing capacity to 2 hectares per hour with a working width of 2 meters, the GMD 55 requires 25 kW of power and features 5 cutting discs. Our spare parts for this model include cutting discs, cutting drums and wear pads.

Kuhn GMD 66 - Performance for Large Landscapes

The GMD 66 model operates over a width of 2.4 meters, covering up to 2.5 hectares per hour with a power requirement of 31 kW. We supply parts such as wear plates, cutting drum plugs, and transmission bevel gears to ensure optimum use.

Kuhn GMD 77 - The Higher Power

With the widest working width of 2.8 metres and a capacity of up to 3 hectares per hour, the GMD 77 requires 38 kW. At Camagris, you'll find sprockets, cutter bearingsand other essential parts to keep this machine in perfect working order.


Whether you're looking for a reliable mower or spare parts to keep your equipment in top condition, Camagris is your trusted partner. We offer a complete range of parts for Kuhn GMD mowers, ensuring that your machines continue to operate efficiently and durably. For purchase or consultation, visit us at Take advantage of our expertise and fast delivery anywhere in Europe to keep your operation at the cutting edge of productivity.

You will also find spare parts for Kuhn GMD 310, 802 f, 602, 702, 16, 280, 3125 f, 350 mowers

Visit kuhn GMD disc mowers are renowned for their efficiency and durability. We offer a range of models, each with its own specific features. At Camagris, you'll also find a wide choice of spare parts for these machines.

Whether you are looking for parts for the GMD 44 or GMD 77we've got what you need. Our inventory includes belts, knives, knife bolts, cutting discs, cutting drums, and wear pads, among others.

For mowers Kuhn GMD 310, 802 f, 602, 702, 16, 280, 3125 f, and 350we also offer a complete range of spare parts. Trust Camagris to supply you with quality parts, designed to optimize the performance of your agricultural machinery.